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The share of Google Chrome was 7.98%


Yes, this is another major achievement for Google’s browser. It seems that not so long ago, some fans of this browser were happy that he was able to get 1% of the total browser market, and now we see how Chrome has occupied 7.98% of the total browser market. At the same time, opponents of Microsoft’s browser also have reason to rejoice - IE owns only 60% (and most recently this figure was 78% or more). In principle, everything is logical, users leave the Inernet Explorer to more convenient, as it seems to many, and secure browsers. Basically, the outflow goes to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The company Net Applications, engaged in analytical research, reports that at the end of September, IE owned only 59.55%, and in August this browser occupied 60.4% of the total browser market. Microsoft is hoping that users will actively switch to the new Internet Explorer 9 browser, which they seem to be promising to release soon.
As for the Mozilla browser, Firefox slightly improved its position in the browser market, increasing its own share from 29.93% to 29.96 - as we see, the growth here is minimal. Apple's browser, Safari, also slightly improved performance - the share of this browser in the browser market increased from 5.16% to 5.27%.

As you can see, the share of the Chrome browser in the browser market is constantly growing, stable growth began about five months ago. Probably an important factor in the growth of this Google browser is advertising, and constant updates, and the speed of the browser - in general, there are a lot of things. Now the user audience of this browser is 70 million people, and, most likely, the popularity of the browser will only increase.

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