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“Click Klava!” At the first solo concert of the PR-Mex group

October 23 at the club Mezzo Forte with the support of REG.RU held a concert of the group PR-Mex . You must be familiar with the work of this musical group. But if not, tell! PR-Fur is a team that creates remixes and own jokes to computer, IT, sisadmin themes. This theme was very useful, PR-Fur songs quickly attracted the attention of the it-party. The most famous songs of the group are “Put Windows Programmer”, “Admin”, “Mouse” and “Click Klava”, in total there are already more than 20 musical compositions in the group's repertoire.

REG.RU is glad to assist in organizing a great concert and invites everyone to listen to good music! All active REG.RU customers ordering domains and services can get free beer during a concert - which is nice!

You can purchase tickets on the official website of the PR-Mex group .
Ticket price for the concert: 350 rubles.

"Push Klava!"

"Put Windows programmer"

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