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I have been visiting Habrahabr for several years already. Habr is definitely a phenomenon, but it is meaningless to talk about it here, so I’ll move on to our cakes.

Our pie Yorodoru.Ru was born from the idea of ​​making “like a habr” (familiar, yes?), But for normal people who are hardcore, with the ability to share news and publish their thoughts on any topic.
The task is quite complicated. Among the most obvious difficulties one can single out the absence of any clear subject matter of the site, as well as the problem of the motivation of the authors. The first problem is directly related to the formulation of the problem, so you have to put up with it.

The problem of motivation of authors is more acute than in Habrahabr. Watching the projects of non-gikovsky subjects, I noticed that karma and puzomerki like it rarely motivate ordinary people. The concept of karma itself is difficult to understand and is weakly associated with the material world.

What could be good motivation? I think money is a good motivation. If we had money, we would give them to authors for publications. We don’t have any money, so we had the idea to give virtual money - Euros, and only then change these Euros for something more tangible. To begin with, we decided to give an opportunity to the authors to place an advertisement over their articles. 30 Euros per week - and your ad is shown above your own articles.

Some authors already place an AdSense ad. At the moment, their earnings can not be considered serious, but they can become more or less significant with the influx of traffic to Yorgorod. In the meantime, not so much traffic, the authors can measure various ratings: popularity rating, intelligence, politeness, humor and journalism.

Euros, being a universal equivalent of goods and services, can be used in the future for holding various actions and promotions. We are open for cooperation and consider any partnership proposals. And of course, we will be glad to see you in Yorgorod .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105559/

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