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Skype for Android

image Skype today released (finally) an Android version, the need for which the Bolsheviks and Gadgetans had been talking about for so long.
Skype for Android allows you to:

Of the features of this version, it is worth noting:



Technical requirements:
Skype for Android works on Android version 2.1 and higher.
The device must have a processor with a frequency of 600 MHz and above, and the screen size is 480 * 320, 800 * 480 or 854 * 480. Skype may not work properly on models with a processor slower than 600 MHz and other screen resolutions.
Skype testing was done on HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Motorola Milestone XT 720, Motorola Milestone.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105558/

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