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WebDBanal iPhone or very sweet solution for developers

Steve Jobs promised us support for third-party applications on the iPhone. And Steve kept his word! Apple's Injerers have found “very sweet solution” - third-party developers can write WEB2.0 AJAX applications for the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser.

You can write WEB2.0 application integrated with iPhone services, which will work as a built-in iPhone program, look exactly the same, be able to make calls, send mail, use google maps and much more.
As an example, Steve Jobs showed an application that required less than one man-month of development and containing less than 600 lines of code: a corporate address book using ldap . This program looks exactly like the “native” iPhone application, with its help you can call the subscriber from the address book, write him an email or look at the map where his office is located.
Some photos from WWDC07:

Source: macrumorslive.com

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