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Microsoft code adopted in the form of official jQuery plugins

Some time ago, Microsoft began working closely with the jQuery project and delivering open source to the community in the form of useful extensions. There were three such extensions:Today, Scott Guthrie (vice president of web development at Micosoft) announced in a blog the news about the inclusion of community-supplied Microsoft code in the list of official jQuery plugins. This announcement was made on the official jQuery website.

As official plugins, these three plugins are part of the jQuery project and are supported by the project development team. You can download plugins from the official jQuery page on github right now:Plug-in documentation is available at jQuery http://api.jquery.com/ .

Moreover, the template plugin will be included in the next release of jQuery 1.5 as its integral part (in jQuery.js).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105547/

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