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E-mail analysis service launched

From the title, many may think that the “big brother” is watching us all again. You can relax - it is a new service from Mixpanel . Mixpanel is an analysis-oriented start-up supported by Y Combinator , Michael Birch , and Max Levchin . So now kilometers of correspondence will not be ignored.

This startup already tracks about a billion actions per month, allows you to track the pages visited by users, analyze the download of iPhone applications, and provides data on the use of applications on Facebook.

The new service from Mixpanel will allow you to track the effectiveness of the letters sent, for those companies that send them really a lot, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Groupon. Developers will be able to track the transitions by reference from these letters, how many letters were open at all, and soon it will be possible to compare the two letters sent out by changing the text of one relative to the other. Mixpanel promises that the data will be updated in real time and the download of new data will take a couple of seconds.

The co-founder of Mixpanel Suhail Doshi said that Posterous, Bebo and Listia have already started using this service, and for example the Bebo service has already managed to process half a million letters over the past few weeks.
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