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Internet Brands, the owner of VBulletin sues the authors of the competitive engine XenForo right before the start of sales

A few hours ago, an official of Internet Brands with the nickname IBAdrian published a statement on the official VBulletin forum, stating that XenForo violated the copyright of Internet Brands and was mostly copied from VBulletin.

I quote from this document.
Perhaps they’re “refactored” enough to copyright law. Our analysis strongly indicates such things will concur. It’s possible that they’ve created a lawsuit.

I was attracted by the phrase "Our analysis strongly indicates otherwise". Sales XenForo has not yet begun. Nobody saw the engine code. In order to analyze it, you first had to get it in some way. And how, if sales have not begun? Or did they analyze the HTML code generated by the engine? :)

On the official VBulletin forum and in the XenForo community, this news is already being discussed. The majority of users are outraged and believe that Internet Brands has joined the ranks of the global “evil corporations”. It is painfully similar to patent wars, similar to those that inflamed against Android.

It is also interesting that this news appeared just a few hours before the start of sales of XenForo (they are scheduled for October 5). Probably, in order to sow panic in the camp of potential buyers of XenForo and thus strangle a competitor, until he began to build momentum.

When I read the text of this statement, for some reason I had the impression that something dirty concerns me. Even about the bonus Cyrus mentioned that he received after the sale of Jelsoft IB. What for?

Expressing my opinion, I will say that I did not expect that Internet Brands and especially IBAndrian, who in a short time became the soul of the buyers who remained loyal to VB, would sink to this. Although, on the other hand, someone may find such a move quite worthy and smart. Competition, damn it. Probably, all means should be good, since they are being accessed in the same way . And what do you think?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105530/

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