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"Gypsy" will be full-length!

Hello dear.
Many of you, undoubtedly, thought that the project was bent absolutely.

And they were very wrong. The project not only lived life to the fullest, it grew at such a pace that all the accelerators of the world turned green with envy.
The whole point was that the violent imagination of the creative group first turned the three-minute cartoon into a five-minute one, then a seven-minute one, then a ten-minute one and did not stop there. Phrases “Well, at least fifteen minutes were voiced. Well, at least twenty ... "

After that, the director of the studio Simpals sobbed, waved his hand and said firmly:
"We will do a full meter!". one
And he went to look for a partner, investor, friend and teacher. For the short cartoon is one thing. A full meter is a completely different requirements for the scenario, for the organization of work, for financing ... In general - for everything.
Dmitry came back barefoot (stomped all the shoes he had), emaciated (he disposes of the movement) and with a bunch
good news.
Today we will announce you one:
We managed to get the best offer of cooperation from probably all possible. We will not further pull.
We’ll just show you a bit of the press release: 2
film company STV (Russia)
Studio Simpals (Moldova)
3D animated film under the working title “Gypsy”
producer: Sergey Selyanov
production director: Dmitry Voloshin
scenario: Dmitry Voloshin, Valery Fedorovich, Sergey Uzun
main artist: Serdar Jumaev
executive producer: Oleg Gaze
Soundtrack: Zdob şi Zdub
Start of production: 2011
end of production: 2014
On this occasion, in the office for about two weeks heard the joyful cries of artists, animators and other people, anticipating hellish work over the next three years, at least.
We will later tell you what the transition to a full meter has resulted in, in which characters, in which hellish work on the script.
In the meantime, we just rejoice and shout "Hurray!".

The site of the cartoon "Gypsy"

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