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Geolocation startups at AppContest


At the contest AppContest most applications came from those who, in fact, beget the idea of ​​new services. Every idea is a ready-made startup. I propose to look at the five applications that can be compared because all of them are devoted to one area - geolocation game services. In principle, the trend is not yet suffering from an excessive amount of popular games, in Russia there is AlterGeo, abroad - Foursquare. The rest are either little known or not very popular among our compatriots.

Travel Club ; travel album and traveler diary. In fact, Gennady Us offers a service for tourists who for some reason do not use social networks - I do not see anything new in this startup. It is proposed to photograph, take notes and evaluate someone else's activity, that is, nothing fundamentally new in comparison, say, with Facebook or Vkontakte is not observed.
Ontour . The idea is that with the help of check-in, users draw figures on the map, that is, the user can finish drawing at a certain point and the dots are successively connected by straight lines. On the one hand, the idea is interesting, in school we often played dots and crosses when we had to “capture” the territory by connecting the dots with lines. But, in my opinion, the idea of ​​the game requires substantial improvement.

New Life . Alexey Perezhogin offers a game that combines the principles of urban orienteering games "Fight" and "Dozory" and already existing geolocation games. The idea, of course, is not new, but Alexey went ahead and suggested specific scenarios and concept of the game. Perhaps the main contender for the prize.

The main logical reference restaurant guide "Michelin Guide". Grigory Choporov has put forward a catering service recommendation service for the competition. It is not entirely clear how this service differs from the existing ones, except perhaps for its narrow focus. Somehow it is hard to believe that gourmets will search for restaurants according to recommendations in a mobile service, and in the middle price category places do not really need recommendations. Perhaps the service will shoot, if the recommendations will be given by experts, which must be gained critical mass. I strongly doubt the possibility of recruiting such a number of generally recognized experts.

The first geo-social sports game . A user who has registered and posted his real photo, receives an “order” for 5 “victims”, which he must catch. The idea is again not new, there are a lot of unsolved problems. For example, how the reality of photography will be confirmed, how the process of “capture” will take place, what is the purpose, and what will be the motivation of the players themselves. And this is even if not to talk about the main thing - how you can earn money on such a game.

In general, it is very interesting to watch such contests - sometimes there are truly revolutionary ideas and original solutions. It seems to me that in the other two nominations applicants for 100 thousand will be much less - there, after all, not just an idea needs to be offered, but also to show the implementation process in the form of screenshots or beta versions of applications.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105515/

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