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Minimum vacation in different countries of the world

Did you have paid leave this year? You probably live better than a quarter of Americans.

Surprisingly, the United States remains the only industrial country in the world in which there is no guaranteed vacation established by law. Each company can enter its own rules. Although most of them behave quite humanely and give 10 working days of rest a year, but statistics show that about 25% of Americans do not have paid vacations or holidays, not to mention the public holidays sponsored by the company.

Here is a compilation of Wikipedia indicating guaranteed vacation in some countries of the world.

European Union : at least 4 weeks, in some countries more.
Finland : 5 weeks (2.5 days for each month of work, while vacation pay is considered six days a week (one day off), so 30 vacation days corresponds to five weeks of vacation).

France : 5 weeks plus 2 additional weeks for employees who have chosen the 39-hour work week instead of the standard 35-hour.

China : 11 business days.

Hong Kong : 7 days.

India : 1 day of holiday for every 20 working days (it turns out about 12 working days per year).

Israel : 10 to 24 business days, depending on the length of service.

Japan : from 10 working days in the first year of work to 20 working days in the sixth year of work.

Italy : at least 20 working days (some contracts guarantee up to 32 days) plus 12-13 paid public holidays.

South Korea : 10 business days.

United Kingdom : 28 business days minus 8 public holidays.

Russia : 28 calendar days plus 12 paid public holidays.

USA : no.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105514/

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