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Hello, dear friends!

I really like your community, so I want to contribute and offer you information that will be interesting, useful and help you make money.

Mass advertising e-mails are the most effective way to promote your products and services on the Internet.
We offer newsletters for a wide selection of address bases: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia, CIS.

For demanding customers, we also offer highly targeted newsletters on thematic forums, communities, blogs, and diaries in LiveJournal, which will allow you to convey information about your product to all potential customers, while not irritating anyone. Since the proposals will be sent only to interested readers.
Due to the various offers on mailings, We want to warn potential customers against possible errors:
1. Offers of the type “2nd, 3rd, or 4th mailing for FREE” come either from individuals who expect to take money for at least 1 mailing and disappear, or from “pioneers” who do not knowingly send mailings a way to attract customers.
2. Offers of the form "600,000 - 3,900,000 Moscow firms", "2,000,000 - 3,000,000 Russian firms" are a clear deception, as can be easily seen by looking at the number of companies in well-known directories, such as the Yellow Pages of Moscow, Russia and other With the help of such a “smart move”, unscrupulous executors are trying to lure gullible clients.

Unlike the others, we indicate the REAL number of recipients:

Business Moscow - 360,000 addresses. - 3500 r.
Business Peter - 110 000 addr. - 2000 p.
Business Russia (regions) - 330,000 adr. - 3200 r.
Private Moscow - 1 600 000 add. - 4500 r.
Private Peter - 540,000 add. - 2500 r.
Private Russia - 8,200,000 add. - 13000 r.
Business Ukraine - 260,000 addresses. - $ 100
Private Ukraine - 620,000 add. - $ 120
Business Belarus - 120,000 addresses. - $ 90

- Discounts for regular customers
- Any forms of payment (cash, non-cash, money transfer, web money, Yandex.Money)
- Databases are updated and checked monthly

Website promotion in search engines:
Yandex, Rambler, Google, Aport

Only legal methods of promotion, guaranteed results

Call and order: (495) 726-11-92
(495) 632-22-48

Advertising agency NEO-Media

Our sites on the international computer network Internet:
Advertising by mail Hot-Post.ru

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