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Porn studios are going to sue the "pirates"

For a long time, we read that Hollywood studios and record companies are trying to become even richer at the expense of single mothers and retired people to still overcome malicious copyright infringers. Perhaps the apotheosis of all this was the trial of ThePirateBay, which has a sequel. Now the Hollywood studios decided to join the producers of "strawberries", which have long complained that they are simply ruined by bad pirates.

So far, three large porn studios have declared their intention to give the pirates a fight. They decided to act on a technique already tested by some owners: a “decoy duck” is hung out, any file with a popular name, are blocked by the IP downloaded, the IP list is sent to court demanding to force providers identify the "owners" of these IP. Well, and then everything is simple - with the names, addresses and addresses of users who illegally downloaded the file, the right holders begin to “negotiate” with the guilty. After such arrangements, the guilty often do not have money even to sew up the pockets on the pants torn off by the right holders.
In general, everything is sad, although so far such a scheme is not very common, the first stage of its implementation is underway. Protection of unfortunate manufacturers of "strawberries" will deal with a company with a chic name Adult Copyright Company. She will deal with the affairs of the pirates of the porn companies affected by the actions, and already, by the way, collected data on 5 thousand violators - they work quickly when they want.

According to the management of this company, so far it is going to collect data about 10 thousand violators, such a “trial balloon”, on which the technology of punishing illegal strawberries will be polished.

Opponents of such methods have many objections, and one of the main ones is the inability of right holders to keep secretly collected information - so, after the anonymous attacks of ACC’s 4Chan servers, information about the violators gathered by figures from this organization (remember - an Indian company that has DDoS -power sites that host movies illegally?).

In general, the US seems to have a golden age for the fighters against pirates, especially after the adoption of some laws approved by Congress. Unfortunately, the adopted laws have a well-defined protection scheme for right holders, but the violators (or rather, suspects) are practically left without any protection. We look forward to continuing the story ...


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105506/

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