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Second Startup Weekend Report

Yesterday, the second Moscow Startup Weekend, held by Glavstart, ended.
By tradition - we sum up.
Of the 53 projects presented on Friday, 25 reached the final .
18 of them signed agreements of intent with experts, more precisely, now not just experts - but candidates for mentors, and the AnyHelp project entered into an investment agreement with Evgeny Gordeev (eBuro) right on the "weekend".


It was not without innovations: for example, on Saturday morning we conducted speed networking of experts with projects. For an hour and a half, the experts answered the participants' questions - for a minute each. Communication in this mode was difficult (half of the experts got a voice, and participants had to line up - there were many who wanted to, too many!), But productively - all the projects received a small consultation and advice on the case, everyone quickly got to know and understand who is who, then to continue the closer communication.

By the way, the author of one of the projects was Arseny Veitskin, our expert. It remains a mystery to all how Arseny managed to become a candidate mentor for three projects in a day and a half, advise everyone, and most importantly, develop a prototype of the project together with one programmer. On Sunday, he showed participants how exactly his Daisy works - something like a TV channel with video content of your friends from social networks. However, at the final presentation, the prototype failed to show: Arseny chose Arkady Moreynis as a beta tester, but so far Arkady tried to log in to facebook to demonstrate the capabilities of the project, 2 minutes were allotted for the presentation.


Some projects have signed an agreement on mentoring intentions with several experts at once:

We will find out how the work of the resulting pairs of expert + project will follow in a month at the PostWeekend session, at which it will also be clear how many projects the expert will decide to take as an mentor with a stake in the project.


Many thanks to the Glavstart experts for their hard work, useful feedback and interest in new projects!

Thanks to the Talanting team and personally to Alena Vladimirskaya for the excellent work on the Weekend and assistance in carrying out speed networking.

And thanks to the Flacon design factory for the space provided and organization assistance.

As well as a special thank you to the Startup Weekend team in Kazan , who specially came to Moscow and helped us all three days.

PS 120 applications submitted applications for the performance, so we were forced, due to the limited time resources, to make a selection, involving the analytics department of Startup Point. Those who failed to speak at this "weekend" - do not worry, soon the third Startup Weekend will be (soon).

See you live. :)

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