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music.ivi.ru - we are fully opened

Last week I wrote about closed testing of the new music service music.ivi.ru . During this week we corrected all the bugs, uploaded more clips and even drew a logo.

Tonight we went out in open access and I want to tell you a little about the testing process and a little about the project’s internal kitchen.


Feedback collection

When we launched ivi.ru, we used Forms from Google Docs to quickly collect user reviews. In addition to simple accumulation of data, they allow you to build charts for visual display of data and to make a non-linear structure of the questionnaire (for example, depending on the answer to the question “Do you have problems with watching a video”, does the user transfer to a page where he can describe problems in more detail, or continue to answer questions). As a result, at the output we get the already pre-processed and grouped information, which is very convenient to use for further analysis.


It goes without saying, there are plenty of other opportunities for collecting feedback, but this is the most convenient in terms of efficiency and time costs, in my opinion.


music.ivi.ru is a service with legal clips, so we have signed contracts for streaming content with all four of the world's largest recording companies: Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI. Plus with a lot of Russian studios. This allowed to cover the main part of popular Western music. Due to the fact that the content is automatically pumped out of special catalogs of owners, all new items will appear on the project simultaneously with world premieres.

Now the catalogs are not fully uploaded; over the previous week, about 3,000 clips appeared, and we will try to keep the same rates further. Although the pace will soon slow down. If now the contracts that we sign contain hundreds or even thousands of clips, then almost piece work will continue to be done - unfortunately, the practice of large record labels that aggregate a large number of clips is not so common in Russia.

The convenience of automatically downloading content is also a big problem. For example, there are beautiful clips like Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Live) , where the clip came with porridge (black frame on top and bottom) and which would then have to be manually unloaded, trimmed and loaded onto the platform. There is a video with a quiet sound. Generally, to process thousands of clips in a short time is not the most trivial task. But we can handle it.

What's next?

Next is a long and not the easiest way. Despite the fact that we now have a fairly large catalog of clips, there are a large number of niches that are not covered, including in Russian music.

We will develop the mobile direction and even write the player on HTML5 (I do not believe that I am writing this). Music should always be close, especially, as we have repeatedly pointed out, the competition is huge.

If you have questions - I will try to answer them in the comments. Suggestions (including what content to pay attention to) and criticism are also very happy. And I will be grateful to the contacts of the developers (or letters in the profile), who have experience in developing applications with video for mobile phones, especially with the experience of displaying video advertising.

PS By the way, taking this opportunity I want to say that we are very much looking for a super-manager for PR and marketing .

UPD As rightly noted by walkman7 , we still show content only to Russia. Unfortunately.

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