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RMA-Silicon Trip. Yahoo office: in the wake of the purple cow

After visits to Google and Facebook, we, the delegation of the faculty of management of Internet projects of RMA, went to the office of Yahoo!


In Russia, there is a perception that Yahoo! - slowly dying company, the best days of which are left behind. This opinion is mainly due to the fact that Yahoo! so seriously and did not come to the Russian market, and did not participate in the division of the pie PS. In fact, this is not the case. Yahoo is blooming and smelling growing lilac everywhere. Yahoo earns billions of dollars annually. Yahoo creates all new projects, develops innovative technologies and effectively implements them.
So, tell us about our impressions of the visit to the bright and vibrant office of Yahoo!

1. Yahoo is the most emotional company in Silicon Valley. Unlike Facebook programmers drowning in monitors and refined Googlers, Yahoo’s employees are open, emotional, and even somewhat noisy. Lecturers laugh loudly, staff members meet them - they warmly welcome guests, workers have bottles of beer on the tables (but clogged ones). Everywhere music plays. Absolutely everything is painted in the corporate purple color - even the plants select the appropriate overall range.


2. Yahoo has a real sport cult. The fitness center is amazing - at least a hundred employees simultaneously work out on simulators, pump iron and run on tracks. There is no free space on the basketball court. To the tennis courts lasts. According to Yahoo employees, this attitude to sports is strongly encouraged by the administration. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the constant good mood of the staff.


3. Yahoo! They say that the Russian market is one of the priorities in the international development of the company. However, despite this, when a lecturer asked: “Who starts the day with Yahoo?” Only the translator, who constantly lives in San Francisco, raised his hand.

4. Yahoo's profit for 2009 was $ 7.2 billion.

5. Every year, Yahoo spends $ 600 million to upgrade hardware.

6. The name Yahoo stands for Yet Another Hierarchic Officious Oracle.

7. Yahoo! eco-friendly company. Within each development, an environmental audit is required, during which its environmental impact is assessed. One of the innovations that Yahoo are proud of is the so-called "chicken coop" - a data center of the original design, excluding any emissions to the atmosphere. The name is related to the fact that chickens do not sweat. For this development, Yahoo! received a grant of 10 million dollars from the US government.


8. Yahoo employs over 15,000 people.

9. Yahoo also has a Russian-speaking diaspora, consisting of a single support service specialist.

10. Yahoo is very aggressive about competitors. After Yahoo, we had to go to Microsoft. Hearing this, our lecturer bluntly stated: “It’s not necessary to go to Microsoft - there is nothing interesting there!” Also, in response to a question from one of the RMA students, “Do you open confidential data for government agencies?”
replied: "We are not Google."

11. The spirit of the purple cow is everywhere. Positioning Yahoo! as a non-standard, original, fan company, it appeared when Set Godin was the chief marketing officer of the company. To ensure that employees and visitors do not forget about it - at the entrance there is a purple cow “in full growth”.


12. Unlike Google and Facebook, Yahoo has food fee. Although it is worth the symbolic $ 5.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105492/

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