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Tele2 in Omsk


On Friday I went to the site of Omsk Tele2 looked at the main one and was delighted with the headline that my mobile operator, which I use for a long time, is happy to provide my subscribers with the service of unlimited Internet. Indeed, who did not want just 3 rubles a day, to surf the vast expanses of the boundless Internet on their way to work ...

Without thinking, I connected this service, downloaded the opera to a new phone, opened a couple of pages, made a few calls and ran out of money ... I somehow did not attach any importance to this. And so the weekend passed - the money was running out - I replenished the balance ... Today I decided to check how much traffic qip consumes for iphona and accidentally noticed that there was less money than it should be. Made a few measurements - indeed, opening habr off the balance is removed about 1 ruble. I called the technical support service and they told me that they would redirect the application to the technicians and make a recalculation. At lunch, the situation has not changed. The technical support service said that they have "network expansion". I was switched to the main operator and in other words she quoted me the same thing. And to my question "Do you see the difference in costs 3p x 30 days = 90 rubles per month and 100r per day" I was told that they all compensate. True, they didn’t explain why I had 1000r in my account with a monthly payment of 300r (thanks to voip)

The site did not find any contacts other than details. I sent them a complaint with the following content:

4 2010 . 16:34
<< Opera Mini>>

1 2010 « Opera Mini», , , , Opera Mini.
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, ( ). « Opera Mini», , « Opera Mini» , .

How legitimate are the actions of this cellular operator? Are there any legal acts that justify their actions?

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