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From idea to prototype in two days: HackDay # 9 will be held October 23-24 in St. Petersburg

The first autumn St. Petersburg HackDay will be held in two and a half weeks. This is an excellent chance for participants to put together a team under their own idea, to develop a prototype of the project, to do work in two days, for which there was no time, to get acquainted with useful people.
We invite programmers, designers, project managers, designers, marketers, as well as all others who have an idea of ​​the project, but do not have enough time / resources to implement it. If you don’t have your idea, you can join any project you like.
We will also have interesting practical workshops, a presentation of technical innovations, the Internet and a fun atmosphere.

Registration of participants

HackDay is an event where participants work on bringing their ideas to the prototype. You can come up with ready-made ideas, for the implementation of which you did not have time. You can build a team directly on Hackday. Finally, you can start participating in one of our open technology workshops and create a new project based on them.
It is planned to award prizes to the three best projects.

Registration is currently underway.

To participate in the event you need to register and post the idea of ​​your project with a description of who is required in the team, or join an existing project. The work will go on two days - Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning there will be a presentation of project ideas, in the afternoon - master classes. On the evening of Sunday there will be a demofest - a presentation of the developed projects.

This time we want to introduce the following addition to our traditional format: the selection of new or not enough mastered subject areas. So, one of the directions of HackDay # 9 will be the direction “HackDay - the city” - and we invite everyone who wants to realize their IT ideas or participate in the creation of projects in this area.
They can solve, for example, the following tasks:
• providing citizens with the necessary information;
• preservation, improvement and development of the urban environment;
• promotion of a responsible lifestyle: for example, installing filters on cars, cleaning garbage, arranging playgrounds;
• everything that you consider necessary and useful for the city and its inhabitants.

Another addition to the traditional hack is that on October 23-24, we will have many testers. Long gone are the days when testers were low-skilled employees who are connected in the final stages of development. We want to prove that the sooner the tester is on the project, and the deeper he is involved in the development, the more benefits he can bring. Competent testers are able to benefit by studying the requirements; setting up the environment for debugging; offering solutions that are economical in terms of testing; act as a future user, defending his interests and much more.

If you have an idea for which there is not enough time, if you have a desire to do something useful, but there are no good ideas, then HackDay is for you. If you are a developer, designer, marketer, user interface designer or just feel that you can make a contribution to a project, then come - we are waiting for you!

Come. Your HackDay.

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