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AdOffer invites you to start


Next weekend, October 8-10, Moscow will host a new “Start!” Session - an event in the format of working days off, where interested people gather with their ideas and desire to work and prepare new projects all weekend.

I invite you to take part - it will be really interesting and useful - and also I want to share my experience at the first “Start!”

My startup, the AddOffer project, started exactly from the first June working weekend. I will not elaborate on it in this article - you can read all the information on the link.

It's funny to remember, but I got on the "Start" by accident. I had long been nurturing my idea - a network of advertising offers - but I was constantly confronted with the opinion that it was either not needed, or was not working, or someone was already implementing it. I think you are familiar with this situation. Therefore, when my idea was chosen in the preliminary voting, my goal for the weekend was not to develop a service, not to attract the attention of investors, etc. - I just wanted to know if I needed to do this.

And this goal was successfully achieved. I assembled a friendly working team that saw the prospects and became interested in my project. We understood that since we need it and it is interesting and we consider it promising, since we are ready to take on implementation, then we need to develop the product together. That's how the strength test went. And only then, with enthusiasm and mutual support, we all started working together on the project.

Therefore, friends, as you can see, everything is real: to infect others with your idea, to assemble your team, to develop the project to a real company. You should not sit back - you will hear only distrust and criticism even in relation to the most daring and innovative idea. Come to where you will be supported and where you can find interested and enthusiastic people!

And my advice: come to “Start!” With a definite purpose: to test the idea for strength, to promote your project, to find like-minded people, to get acquainted with investors, to join someone’s project - in any case, come with a specific goal and work on achieving it!

And the second advice for those who will offer their ideas - always build a clear business model, and focus in the presentation on ways to monetize. Since there are a lot of ideas, they will be subject to rigorous selection, and the possibility of scaling and monetization will become the main advantages.

Come to the new “Start!” Work session.
Registration and details nachinai.com/events/est-ideya-i-resursy-nachinajte

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