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Online Shopping in Japan

Hello friends!

With you again, your guide to EbayToday overseas online shopping . Forgive us for such a long absence, we traveled to one very distant island, which seemed to us to be another planet. Yes friends, today we will tell you about Japan and about shopping in the country of the Rising Sun!

Instead of introducing

Passions have not yet subsided in the topic about TaoBao , as we are pleased to present you with a new country and a new online auction. Recently, our warehouse in Japan has earned, and in honor of this, EbayToday offers you attractive shopping conditions in Japan and this article.

So what do we know about Japan? It seems to us that the average view of Japan is this: this is a country where humanoid robots go along the streets with delicious schoolgirls in miniskirts, where TVs have phones built-in, TVs have phones that have drawn art and culture and so on. Let's say right away, all these silly rumors are true!

But we care a little more. All these technical wonders (with the exception, of course, of schoolgirls) should be sold somewhere, right? Of course! Japan is full of its online stores and there is even its own online auction, which wears the painfully familiar name of Yahoo for a check.
Today we will not torment you with a long description of the shopping process in Japan and limit ourselves to a sightseeing tour into the world of cool online shopping. Well, you do not hesitate to ask your questions - we will answer all in the next article.

What to buy?

In order to answer this question, you need to firmly understand what is produced in Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is the birthplace of high-tech electronics, cool cars and popular art. All this can be bought in Japanese online stores.
Here are some cool things you can buy in Japan:

Guitars and musical equipment

In Japan, some of the coolest guitars in the world are produced - if the word Ibanez tells you something, then you will immediately understand why it is worth buying in Japan (by the way, this word is correctly pronounced as “Aybanis” and not like you what they said).

And in Japan a good half of the DJ equipment, hundreds of varieties of musical lotions and consoles are made. The Japanese are generally terrified by what music lovers, a lot of popular artists release special versions of their albums especially for them. At Japanese online auctions, you can be stunned by the number of different records, discs and other merchandise.

Blu-ray for the Japanese has long been familiar. If for you too - you will surely make friends with the Japanese.

Auto parts

If you have a Japanese car - we congratulate you, you are lucky! But still, sooner or later, parts will have to buy, and here the Japanese online auction will help you.
It has all the necessary parts, and it is very inexpensive at that:


Talking about Japanese electronics is like dancing about architecture. Tens of thousands of types of a variety of gadgets, about which no one has even heard. For example, a robot dust for us and you is still a wonder, and for a large number of Japanese - almost a member of the family. Accordingly, such things are very inexpensive.

150% of all cameras are made in Japan. Questions?

The Land of the Rising Sun is a leader in the production of designer gadgets. Watches TOKYO FLASH have long become an icon of style among LED-watches. And here, for example, amusing piece. Looks like a lamp, huh? This is a cd player!

This is how we smoothly approached the next section.

Fashion accessories and clothing

It is said that somewhere in Japan there is a plant for the production of artificial blood used in the filming of Japanese militants. We don’t know whether or not, but we can say this - in Japan, a lot of cool fashion stuff is being created. Japanese designers watched their European counterparts for a very long time, and then began to repeat (in general, the desires to seduce from Europeans and Americans in Japanese blood). It turned out especially and unique, but not to say what's worse.

Among the connoisseurs of designer clothes, Japanese brands and collections are very much appreciated - in Moscow and St. Petersburg some even have their own showrooms. Of course, buying it all right in Japan is much more profitable.


The Japanese are simply obsessed with their comics - they even publish the rules of the road. Accordingly, this good is just bulk in local online auctions, and here it is sold almost by weight. If you are an anime lover, then you will like to shop here.

At Yahoo, you can easily buy the full costume of your favorite character - from underwear to a five-meter sword.

Other cool stuff

And here you can buy a lot of other cool stuff.
In Japan, everyone is crazy about cats, but unlike neighboring South Korea, they don’t eat them, they just stroke them. At the auction, you can buy a whole bunch of feline - Russian-feline translators, collars with navigators and other cute little things.

And in Japan they love modeling - there are a lot of cool railways here. If in childhood you dreamed of such a thing, then we will help you to fulfill your dream.

Where to buy?

At this point we’ll dwell briefly and visually, and we’ll tell you in more detail in a separate article.

So, in Japan there is a huge Yahoo Internet auction , which the Japanese brought with them from another planet. In fact, this is a large electronic newspaper ads, where you can buy and sell anything you want - from unnecessary more wedding ring to a brand new Lexus. On the day of the auction deals are almost 20 million dollars.
The main language of the auction is Japanese (which is not surprising, in general). Sometimes there are sad blotches of English (about imitation, we wrote a little higher). As elsewhere, Yahoo has many of its pitfalls and features that are weighed down by a language completely incomprehensible to the Russian eye, consisting of sticks.

In addition to Yahoo, Japan is full of small online stores that sell various cool stuff for the domestic market. Here, for example, one shop sells such scary beautiful video cameras:

Japanese post pig

Have you ever seen a Japanese pig? Here we are not. But this did not stop the Japanese from laying it.

In the world there are strict laws prohibiting the mailing of batteries and batteries containing lithium. It is said that such batteries are explosive, and that once such a jerk directly on board a Japanese intergalactic ship.

So, Japanese mail does not send parcels that contain batteries inside. Directly in the mail are the devices that detect batteries and spite viciously if they are detected there. All the rest of the mail of the world laid stamps on this law, but the Japanese - in any.
Therefore, to buy electronics in Japan is very hard. You must at least ask to remove the battery from it. Strange country - you can buy a schoolgirl sex doll in full growth and a ton of porn-mixes, but you can not send a battery by mail.

Fortunately, this is the only Japanese postal restriction. From Japan, as well as from other countries, you can receive parcels worth 1000 Euros free of charge.

Here is such a friend, Japanese online shopping. EbayToday will help you to deal with all the difficulties of trading with the country of the Rising Sun - we have interesting conditions for buying in Japan and our warehouse in the city of Tsuruoka. Plus, we will gladly develop the topic of online shopping in Japan in our next article, but for now you ask your questions.


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