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MTX - the perfect solution for creating web forms and databases online

After several months of hard work, we decided to tell about the updated (both in terms of functionality, and in terms of design and usability) project MyTaskHelper.ru .
As many habrauers remember, information about our service has already appeared on your favorite Habré, but now we suggest you to test the service, improved by several orders of magnitude.
Enough empty words, go to the list of what can be done using our system :

Next, the work of MyTaskHelper will be illustrated with a specific example.

The site requires creating and building a database consisting of three tables:
  1. Firms.
  2. Employees of firms.
  3. Suppliers working for one or more firms.

In this case, all three tables are interconnected by the following relations:

The described databases will be built into the pages of the site, access to which is provided only to people who are directly related to the tables, i.e. owners or directors of companies, employees and suppliers. You should also not forget that the tables will also contain personal information that is legally confidential and cannot be publicly available - for this, you will have to hide certain data columns (for example, the employee’s home address, his passport number).

The solution of the problem
After registering in the system and activating the account, go to the Form Designer, create new forms (1) and add the required fields (2) with the selected data types (3). Note that web forms are needed to add data to the database. Of course, this can be done simply by exporting the finished Excel file or data in CSV format , but we will do everything gradually.
Form Designer
Fig. one
Once the forms are created, you need to set up links between them. To do this, click on the "Links" (4) and proceed to the establishment of links between the tables:
Fig. 2

As can be seen from the illustrations, firms have many employees (with each employee working only in one firm), and suppliers have the ability to serve more than one firm, while each firm can work with multiple suppliers (1). Note that the so-called Column Connection (2) is not needed, but it is useful for those who will import their information from other databases.
Now you can safely proceed to setting up the forms you just created. To do this, move to the Widgets menu.

Fig. 3

Here are available to configure options such as:

In the same way, the configuration of each database created in the MyTaskHelper system is also performed.

As you can see, the creation of web forms and databases took only a few minutes. You will need another 30 seconds to integrate them into your sites. To do this, just copy the necessary codes that are on the pages of the Widget form and the Widget database, and paste them on the desired project page.
Well and the last is a pleasant bonus for habrovchan : each user of the project MyTaskHelper, who learned about the system from the pages of Habr, as a bonus will get access to an unlimited tariff plan for 1 month. To do this, it is enough to register in the system, activate the account and, having filled in the feedback form , indicate your nickname on Habré.

The terms of using the service MyTaskHelper can be found here , and our tariff plans are listed on this page.

PS To test the capabilities of the system, it is not necessary to register - just log in using the login / password test / test.

PPS We are ready to listen to all questions and suggestions on how to improve the functioning of our service and bring all valuable ideas to life.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105477/

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