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Simple presentation rules for an entrepreneur

As you know, StartupIndex holds project sessions almost every month. These are closed conferences where the authors of start-ups hold their presentations to independent experts and investors.

We have already conducted more than a dozen of such project sessions, at which about seventy startups were represented. Today, following the results of this work, we came to the conclusion that the manner of behavior of the speaker and the quality of the presentation strongly influence the way investors and experts evaluate the quality of the project itself .

Now there are a lot of activities for startups, where they present their projects to the audience. Often videotaping events are held at such events - as, for example, at our project sessions. In this article we will talk about how to effectively launch a startup in front of a professional audience and still look good on video.

Slide show preparation

As an example, see the presentation of the projects " ComSindrom " and " My business ."


Preparation for performance

During the performance

Often, summing up the project sessions, we hear dissatisfaction from entrepreneurs with how they conducted their presentations. At the same time, they understand that the experts could, because of this, be less supportive of the project and give lower marks.

Of course, the experts are experienced enough to look at the true content for any form, but a quality presentation can really make the listener more loyal and create a more favorable impression about the project being presented.

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