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WebLeads - website development requests exchange

Hi, Habr! We launched a new project, about which I would like to talk a bit - I think it will be of interest to the web developer community.

The main objective of the project is to create a new channel for attracting customers to small and medium-sized Internet agencies and web studios.

So, WebLeads - a system that collects requests for the development of sites through its own channels - and after moderation offers to purchase them to interested representatives of web studios. WebLeads works according to the CPL model (cost per lead) and is the first Russian project on the Internet project development market operating in this format.
Most applications for the development of sites are in the low and medium price segments. The system collects requests for the development of sites both in Moscow and in the regions.

Under habrakat I will tell more about the system and its capabilities.

How it all looks and works

The scheme of work is very simple - you are registered in the system and get the opportunity to view all relevant requests in the database, including a description of the projects made by the client. If you are interested in a specific application, you click the “buy” button - and the contact information of the person / company who left it is opened on the selected request.

What are the benefits for web studios?

The benefits are pretty obvious:

How many applications go to the system?

At the moment, WebLeads receive 5-10 applications per day. In the future, we plan to increase this figure to 20 applications per day.

How large orders can be obtained from the system?

Most of the applications in the system are in the low and medium price segment (10-150 thousand rubles). This is explained by the fact that customers with large budgets, as a rule, have quite qualified managers who understand the market and are able to form a list of companies for the tender themselves - from their own experience, ratings, portfolios, etc. Our system is usually used by clients with minimal internet experience.

In this case, the system often contains orders with budgets that significantly exceed the aforementioned frames.

How good are your applications?

This is a rather complicated question. We are not going to deceive anyone and say that 100% of our applications can immediately be put to work. This is not true. Also, as with normal incoming requests to your studio, among our applications there are inadequate customers, customers who simply find out the prices, but are not ready to work right now, requests from competitors.

Manual moderation allows you to cut off the obvious inadequate, but does not guarantee that the customer will be good. We do not call customers - otherwise the cost of applications in the system would be significantly higher.

What to do if you bought the application, and it turned out to be non-working? This is insulting and sad, but nothing can be done about it. Our prices are based on a certain percentage of the marriage.

And it also means that you should not expect that you buy one application and immediately sign a contract. You can get to normal statistics only if you buy a quantity of applications that is different from units - otherwise there is a great chance that you simply will not be lucky. Be sure to keep this in mind!

Where do you get applications?

We purchase traffic on targeted sites and contextual advertising systems, as well as using several large partners. Potential customers come to the home page of the site and fill out a form (they are invited to receive proposals for the development of several companies) to calculate the cost of the site.

Long have you started?

No, we started just a few days ago. Now we are actively recruiting a user base of web studios. By the way, when replenishing the balance in the system until October 10, we add a bonus of 25% to the top-up amount ;)

We ourselves are very interested in what the outcome of this undertaking will be, whether it will pay off and be in demand among professional audiences. If you have any thoughts, thoughts or criticism - write, we will be happy to discuss!

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