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Big brother is watching you! - Which of them?

The study of the Privacy International group has put Google at the bottom of the list of companies that are serious about the personal information of users.

The study revealed that a huge number of companies have problems with data protection, but none of them is close to the problems of Google, which "acquires the status of a critical danger to users' personal data."

Among these problems:

In response to this study, Nicole Wong said that Google takes the privacy of its users seriously and takes care of its image.

Despite the next setting of Google as Big Brother, who is following everyone, other companies were also noticed in similar actions. Microsoft, for example, used the secrecy of MS Word 97 to store and send data about users of corporate versions of MS Office, and HP set up invisible with a simple eye dots on printouts from its printers (which allowed identifying the specific printer from which the printout was made).

Interestingly, no one has yet bothered with the study of the eBay + PayPal bundle (plus the newly acquired Skype). Using the well-known rule of follow the money, it can be assumed that eBay “has known everything about everyone for a long time.” And that Google in this case is just catching up with a competitor.

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