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Linux in school number 96 Rostov-on-Don

Since the beginning of 2010, RNDLUG has been implementing its “school project”, which is expressed in assisting teachers in installing STRs in schools. So before you the next stage of the project.
This Saturday, the 3rd of October, the two of us and Sergey (Lamp) visited school 96. There we were met by a head teacher and a teacher of computer science. The conversation went constructive. It was decided to install the PSPD of the 4th platform on the students' computers. Equipment as in most schools was very weak
(AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.6 GHz, RAM 256Mb, HDD 80-120Gb). However, I was pleased that all computers had CD / DVD drives. There was also a SmartBoard board, though not yet connected. Also, at the request of the head teacher, she was also installed the second system 5th platform.

Installation in the class went mostly normal. Of the 12 and ten machines, the system was installed. Also without problems connected the Samsung ML1210 printer. On two computers, the installation failed; There were some features with IDE settings. In addition, not all had time to tune up. In particular, there were no drivers on the scanner, the board was not physically connected, etc. Additionally, we noticed that the teacher’s computer is a bit junk (for example, a reboot is not done normally).

Interestingly, the children of the senior classes came to the break, and very lively and interestedly asked about Linux. Some asked to try to put the wheels themselves at home. I warned them, of course, that putting the second system is a little risky, as it is necessary to carefully drive the disks. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, Sergey briefly showed the instructor the tools for teaching programming. Once again they talked that it would not be bad to hold a seminar for teachers, but of course only RONO can be the initiator of such an event.

In general, the installation was successful, with the exception of small defects, which we will fix in the next visit, the time of which has not yet been determined, as for the upcoming weekend elections.
The entire photo report can be viewed here .

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