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QR code for apps from AppStore

In general, I am a fan of Apple technology, but I took interest up and recently I bought HTC Desire to play. I will not arrange holivar comparing the iPhone and the device from HTC, I will say that I liked the most:
universal use of barcode scanners and qr code links to applications from AndroidMarket. For some reason, qr-code is not accepted for applications from the AppStore, and in fact it is so convenient to use these barcodes ...

I thought it would be nice to make plugins for popular browsers that generate qr-codes for itunes links. I suggest you look at the beta plug-ins for Chrome , Firefox , Safai
Do not pay attention to the plug-in code, these are the first versions, now I’m interested to get feedback on the ideas and requests for the functionality of the next versions of plug-ins.

You can use the free ZBar Barcode Reader or QR Reader for iPhone (thanks for the banancheg tip) to scan bar codes on iPhone. For good it is better to write a separate program without unnecessary functionality, but this later.

What the plugin does:
  1. Finds on itunes-links page
  2. Converts them to such a form that when you call on the [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL: []] device, the App Store opens, not iTunes.
  3. When hovering over an itunes-link, a layer with a qr-code is displayed, which is formed by the Google Chart API service .

Maybe I invented the bicycle, but something I did not find anything like that ...


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