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Strange gadgets from the Japanese designer

Recently, the Japanese designer Mio I-Zawa presented an interesting, unusual and, frankly, eerie data cable for the iPhone. This cable looks stranger than everything we saw before it: during the charging process, the cable makes sounds, twitches and behaves like a living organism. Yes, and it looks more like a living organism, which has choked with the iPhone - in any case, I had such an impression. The appearance of this cable contributes to this, because the material from which it is made is really close to the real appearance of living matter. I wonder what the temperature of this thing is - if it was made warm, the analogy with a living creature would be complete.

According to the designer, this strange thing was created by him in order to make unusual the standard Apple data cable, which produced quite a lot. In general, this mechanism is a docking station, and not just a data cable. Probably, you expect to see just such a thing after you have played enough of all these games with biomutants, alien contagion and other evil spirits. One can only imagine what the room of an amateur of such games can become like if one fills it with similar products.

By the way, the same Mio I-Zawa recently introduced another interesting, no less creepy device - a mechanical tumor. This thing is designed to "grow" with the increasing load on the computer. As you can see, the material from which it is made is similar to the material of this docking station shown above, but the “tumor” behaves differently. This compressor, sheathed the above material, with various other gadgets. The device monitors the intensity of the computer, and the more it is loaded, the more becomes a "tumor", which, as it were, is powered by the energy produced by your PC (thermal radiation).

It is clear that all these devices do not carry any practical benefit. But after all geeks are geeks to work with things that other people do not like / admit. Few people will like the biomorphic gadget, which represents a living organism - but all this will definitely appeal to fans of this kind of art. In principle, there are already quite a few such devices, but there are quite a few such original ones. Let's hope that the next product of the designer will be a little less scary - would he have made some mechanical flower, or something ...

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