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I also want a tariff with an asterisk!

Once again, I am delighted with the new tariff and at least some moves of my provider:

* The “Successful” tariff is valid only for new subscribers who have been connected since September 16, 2010.

As usual, I assume the opportunity to terminate the contract and reconnect. But civil position does not give rest and create a theme with an appeal to the company and users .
During the debate it turns out that:

This offer applies only to the first connection to the equipment installation address , i.e. for the first time, the contract for the provision of communication services with the Internet provider “Spark” is concluded.

So I can not terminate the contract and immediately connect again.
Bringing it to the point of absurdity, I offered subscribers to indicate another apartment number when connecting (if the connection is made via a modem, it will work necessarily).

Please tell me what can be done to get a tariff with an asterisk in a more peaceful and honest way?

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