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They forgot Poland!

In the first release of Windows 95, you could select a time zone by clicking on a point on the world map; The selected time zone is highlighted in a brighter color.

Similarly, in beta versions of Windows 95, it was possible to choose a locale (“Language and standards”).

Both cards have lived only a few months: the locale card did not live to see even a release; time zone map - up to the first service pack. Although the borders were displayed in accordance with the officially recognized UN, dissatisfied with their location did not take long to wait.

In February 1995, the war of Alto Senep broke out over the border between Peru and Ecuador. The Peruvian government sent a formal complaint to Microsoft about the “incorrectly marked” border in Windows 95. Naturally, if Microsoft obeyed the request to repaint a few pixels on the map, then exactly the same protest would come from Ecuador. They had no choice but to remove the map of the regions from the release. Fortunately for the second map, Peru and Ecuador were in the same time zone, so there were no “disputed pixels” on it.

The Indians turned out to be dissatisfied with the time zone map: its disputed territories were attributed to the GMT + 5 time zone together with Pakistan, while all of India is GMT + 5: 30. (The “hostile” Pakistani belt is the same one highlighted in the top screenshot.) The Indian government was alarmed not a little, and threatened to completely ban the import of “anti-state” Microsoft products. Since this time the "controversial pixels" came to light after the international release of Windows 95, the map was fixed only in the localized Indian version. However, Microsoft was not going to support for each country a separate map of the world; and as soon as possible, the coloring of time zones was removed, out of harm's way, from all the localizations of Windows.
As you know, Microsoft rarely changes debugged and tested code. So this time, the coloring of the map actually did not disappear anywhere: just the selected time zone was drawn with the same shade of green as the rest of the land. Initially, the entire background was filled with a blue "ocean", then one after another the green time zones were drawn, forming continents and islands. Only here, in Windows 98, the land suddenly began to draw not all: for no reason at all, the ocean "flooded".

Peaceful and calm Poles did not start an international scandal because of the missing pixels. The map with "flooded" Poland survived right up to the beta versions of Longhorn.

In the Vista release, the map was removed completely, saving Windows from geopolitical turmoil once and for all. But what's the matter? Where did the flood come from?

Time zone settings are stored in the registry and updated by localizers as necessary; but in the code that draws time zones, their total number was specified rigidly. Programmers have not provided that the number of time zones on the planet may change. However, Poland only during the release of various editions of Windows 95/98 managed to “visit” four different belts:Actually, time in Poland did not change: its neighbors were changing in the time zone. Perhaps the Poles could not decide on the dates of transition to winter time and back. But ultimately, the Warsaw Time Zone disappeared, merging with one of its neighbors; which means that the corresponding piece of sushi has disappeared from the map.

In hindsight, they say, the map was fixed in one of the hotfixes for Windows XP / Windows Server 2003; but at least in SP2 Poland is still flooded. And the Polish time zone is still called "(GMT + 01: 00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb."

K.O. notices that the headline is an allusion to J. Bush’s remark “ You forgot Poland

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105436/

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