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Comstar Wimax vs YOTA in terms of smart user

Instead of joining:

I live in Moscow, at home I use Stream through Wi-Fi, at work - lokalka over WiFi. I bought myself a laptop with built-in WiMax from Yota. First, the pleasure cost 50 rubles - and it was not very sorry. But then Yota epicly went up in price - and for a couple of hours of a very slow Internet, it became a pity to pay 90 rubles.

I connected to Comstar WiMax - the tariffs are much lower, and the switching procedure is very simple.
Plus Comstar - low price and normal speed.
Negative - attitude to the client - worse than ever.
Plus Yota - more thoughtful branding and more user-oriented service.
Minus - inadequate pricing (stupidly expensive).

You decide. I use Comstar and save.

UPD. Result speedtest (Moscow, 1905, 6 am) - 7.5Mb | 1.5Mb
Ping to rbc.ru stably 55-90ms, not more.
Ping on Yota at the same time from 1500 to 2500 ms.

Under the cut - a story about impressions and pitfalls.

At first everything seemed awesome - the network is normal, it connects easily, the speed compared to Yota is simply enormous (probably due to the fact that there are few customers). Coverage, of course, is smaller than that of Yota, but wherever it is necessary, it catches.
Networks are switched, by the way, elementary - the standard utility works with any of the available WiMax providers. You just see the nearest network and connect to any of them - if you want, to Yota, if you want - to Comstar.

A huge plus Comstar - fares.

Yopta has, as is known, two: one-day for wild 90 rubles a day and so-called. unlimited for 900.
Both tariffs are idiotic. No-limit is slow and buggy, she has huge pings, there is no QoS, and regularly she just falls off. Thus, it can replace the home Internet only if there are no alternatives (even the most vile).
The one-day tariff is even dumber - why does it cost me that kind of money, if I spend 80% of the time in the coverage area of ​​at least one WiFi network to which I have access? Houses are definitely fast and cheap Stream, there’s some local unlimited local networking at work, even in all decent restaurants you already have WiFi. WiMax is used if and only if WiFi is unavailable - for example, on the street or at a new client.

Compared to this horror, Comstar is just great. They have three adequate tariffs on decent quality WiMax. Unlimited, too, there are 700 rubles worth (that is comparable to home tariffs) and at the same time normal in terms of speed. Moreover, Stream users get the same no limit for 300 rubles - and this is already respect, finally they thought that WiMax is not a replacement, but an excellent addition to the home channel!

The average fare - so-so, if you do not pay attention to its uncompetitive. Like, for 300 rubles you get 3 Gb of traffic, for excess you pay 5 kopecks / MB . The normal position, if you use WiMax not as a source of unlimited Internet (but use some home channel).
And most importantly - the minimum rate . You may not even think about the cost of Internet traffic on the go. You simply connect the megabyte payment, 50 kopecks per megabyte - and you use it all the time in the room where there is WiFi - and not WiMax.

Money is spent slowly - 50 rubles , which I put when connected (100 MB), I spent more than two weeks . The thing is that none of the services that I use, do not eat a lot of traffic, if you do not directly say “download”.

In general, a great thing.
I highly recommend all users of netbooks with integrated WiMax in Moscow.

But there is a nuance: at the end of the money in the account, the service behaves outside the box.

Connection problem

Keep in mind - if Comstar does not connect to the network at all, which it sees - this is not a network bug, but just ran out of money.

Unhappy service with excellent quality suffers greatly from those Krivorukov razdbaev who set it up. Blocking in the absence of money does not show you a personal account, where it says "the money ran out, give me more," but simply does not connect stupidly.
This leads the user to a state of shock - he does not know that he has spent money! He is not informed about this in any way, they just silently disconnect. Moreover, this office is located at a crooked strange address, where it’s not so easy to get into!

As a result, at least a week I could not connect to the network (just connection rejected), and the standard utility nicely reported "if the problem persists, contact technical support." Do not "give me money, and everything will work," but "there is no network signal, and if there is, then some of our glitches."

Technical support wait half an hour

Since the quality of technical support of services with eggs is more than familiar to me (half-hour waiting on the line with listening to the music, incompetence of the “specialists”, absolute ignorance of the subject by salespeople), I postponed this call until it was squeezed. Or rather - until three factors coincide: there is no Internet, Comstar catches and at hand a landline telephone.

Before this coincidence - what do you think I did? That's right, paid Yota for the day.
There it is always known - “there is money, work” or “there is no money, pay”.
Regularly wore grandmas in the machine for 90 rubles a day.

A casket just opened - ran out of money. When I phoned technical support and waited on the line for 20 minutes, I recognized this good news and was very surprised - “why didn’t you say before that there was 17 kopecks in debt - I would have repaid it a long time ago and I would give you money !!!”
But without a paid Internet this simple truth can not be known.
Moreover, if your laptop is not registered anywhere, it throws you at the first connection into the login of your personal account. But if you are already a client, then FIG your personal account until you pay!

All problems - only for existing customers, new problems do not!

I say to them, “Guys, do you understand that you are losing money, which a loyal client is ready to carry to you?”
They reply, "Write a ticket in a review, the authorities will see it and figure it out."
I say “Yes, why the hell would I have your ticket, I will forget about him now, as I put the phone down! Write it down yourself and give it to the authorities, and I will go do my own business. ”
They say "We have no such opportunity."
“Okay,” I say, “can you mark our recorded telephone conversation for the attention of our superiors?”
"Yes, but it makes no sense, they do not listen to them."
"Well, ardent greetings then," I answer and hang up.

Automatic Qiwi when paying epic

And when I tried to pay them money through a QIWI machine, I searched for half an hour on the list of providers it was Comstar WiMax (provided that there are several dozens of different Comstar services - first all regions, and then, in the junkyard, all WiMax).
Could and combine all branded services into one - and it would be cheaper and easier for the client.
But nobody cares - and Comstar WiMax in the Qiwi terminal is on the 23rd (!) Page, among such monsters of the market as Key Telecom and North-Telecom;)

We must remember the account number

By the way, it’s natural that an account is tied to a mobile phone number - but it’s unnatural that, unlike Yota, where I can pay by a mobile number and don’t remember the contract number, here I have to know it.
In general, customer service is not at all customer-oriented and all-in-one has been done.
In spite of the fact that it is humane to make it easier and more rational - but no one needs it.

This, by the way, does not mean that I will not use Comstar WiMax. On the contrary, I went right away and paid them money - we have to work, but there’s no better suggestions.

It rather means that even if monsters work mostly as assholes, then what do we want from startups?

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