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You can upload higher resolution photos to Facebook

The Photos team announced three big changes to Facebook related to photos: high-resolution images, an improved photo viewer, and a simplified multi-loader. Changes will be available to all within a month.

High resolution images

The possible photo size is increased from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels on the larger side, the total possible photo size is increased 8 times.

To assess the quality of these photos, see the albums Top National Rated Your Shot Photos (September) (National Geographic) or Football Across America (Sports Illustrated). Download high-resolution images by clicking on the “Download” link.

Superior Photo Viewer

The new viewer implemented more simple navigation through the photos. Now you can view photos and whole albums without having to download a new page. The team rewrote the entire viewer code from scratch, so the photos should be viewed much faster.

Simplified tagging and loading

Users often upload a set of photos from events such as weddings and birthdays, which captures the same people. Now you can tag several photos in one album at once and tag photos of the same person with much less effort.

Also completely redesigned loader. Most of the changes are seemingly invisible, but the team thinks that users will notice improvements.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105432/

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