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Animated Weather Pro

I tried many programs for displaying weather on Android, but was pleasantly surprised by this development. I have not seen such a beautiful display in other programs on this platform and thought that there are such only on iOS and on HTC Sense. As it turned out, I was wrong: realistic effects, stylish graphics and easy control - all in one program. "In the kit" there is a small neat widget on the desktop. I will not particularly write - pictures and videos will be said for me.

In general, it is worth to download this program once to just watch it.


Developer site: www.animated-weather.com/android

The free version shows ads and the forecast is limited to 3 days. In the full version this restriction is removed. You can buy the full version from the developer’s site.

Under a cat some more pictures and video.



Here is how it looks live.

Link to the free version:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105427/

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