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Microsoft sues Motorola, Android under attack

Microsoft issued an official press release with information about the lawsuit against Motorola for violating nine patents in the field of mobile technology. A statement said that Motorola, in its products using Android, violates Microsoft patents.

A more detailed explanation of the position of Microsoft is given in this recording of the official blog Microsoft On The Issues. It contains the standard words in this case about multi-year investments and innovations that need to be protected. Similar phrases were in the statement of Apple, when she sued HTC.

By the way, cnet.com managed to get a copy of the claim with a list of patents. Here are their names:Motorola has already responded with a standard answer in this case: “we have the largest patent base in the mobile field, we will fight.”
Obviously, this Microsoft step 10 days before the start of sales of phones based on Windows Phone 7 is not accidental. Android is attacked from two sides: Oracle puts pressure on Google, Microsoft on Motorola. The site neowin.net says that Google does not provide patent protection when licensing Andoird, which means that all suppliers of products on Android are potentially under attack.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105419/

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