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Free Office Web Apps service introduced for Russia, new features


Belated, but interesting news. In the official Microsoft Office blog , information appeared with statistics on users of the free online office of Office Web Apps , plus announcements of new features were made.

According to the blog, for 100 days past since the launch of Office Web Apps its capabilities benefited 20 million users.
The same blog entry announces the availability of Office Web Apps for another seven countries, including Russia. In addition to Russia, access to the online office received: Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. Prior to this, only four countries were connected: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

In addition, developers announce several important innovations in Office Web Apps.

Injected documents

Now users can embed Excel and PowerPoint documents on their websites and blogs using iframe-based code. At the same time, the ability to edit Excel data and view PowerPoint presentations is retained. An example is presented in the blog , there you can browse through the presentation and edit the file with the tables:


Excel Web App Innovations

Now, using a browser and Office Web Apps, you can embed graphics into Excel documents.


In addition, support has been added for the auto-complete function when the selected range is filled with the selected value:


In addition to everything, viewing documents through Excel Web Apps is also available from mobile browsers (previously there was only support for Word and PoerPoint).

PowerPoint Web App Innovations

Added the ability to insert cliparts, free photos, illustrations and graphics from the online storage from various Microsoft partners.


Added even more themes for presentations.

Innovations in Word Web App

Now you can print in the document editing mode.

Innovations in the SkyDrive repository

The free SkyDrive storage has the opportunity to open saved office documents with desktop versions of the office suite.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105417/

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