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Facebook video viewing - second only to YouTube

Recently, comScore, which conducts analytical research on the Web, recently presented data on the number of videos viewed by users of the Facebook social network and other services, including YouTube and Yahoo! .. So, in August Facebook overtook Yahoo !, and ranked second in Popular among social platforms that provide online video viewing. Unfortunately, for the time being, data is only for the USA

So, in August of this year, about 178 million Web users from the United States watched videos online, with each user having 14.3 hours of watching videos per month (I wonder what rate will be for residents of different CIS countries - there is somewhere statistics?).

So, Google services, mainly YouTube, attracted 146.3 million users from MUH in August. At the same time, Facebook accounts for 58.6 million unique visits from the United States, and 53.9 million unique visits from the United States come from Yahoo! .. As for views, their Google services account for 1.9 billion, on Facebook - 243 million on Yahoo! - 229 million.
The number of video views on Facebook is constantly growing - for example, in July the figure was 46.6 million people who watched videos on this service, and for Yahoo! this figure was 55 million. The average video viewing time on Facebook in August was 20 minutes; for Google services, the same indicator was 4.5 hours of video viewing for the same period of time.

As you can see, Facebook is making progress on almost all “fronts”, i.e. spheres of its activity, successfully competing with many social services, including those that belong to Google. If it goes on like this, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg may well become number one in the sphere of providing videos to its users. Of course, this is still far away, but Facebook continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so everything can happen faster than we expect. Well, “a big ship is a big voyage,” as they say in such situations.

It would be interesting to find out similar data about the domestic social project “Vkontakte” - we already know that this is the repository of unlicensed video and music files No. 1 in the CIS (some fighters with pirates call it “Vkontakte”), but it would be interesting to get statistics on watching a video on Vkontakte.

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