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Google Street View detects dead bodies on the streets of Brazil

As I have already described a slightly similar situation - with a kind of like a dead girl on the streets of an American town, which, as it turned out, is just playing. But now the situation has changed radically - after the guys from Google Street View began working in Brazil, real dead bodies began to come across images of streets in Brazilian cities. As an example, Avenida Presidente Vargas in Rio and Belo Horizonte. Interestingly, these photos can be found now only on the pages of the Brazilian Gizmodo , but Google workers have already removed the images ( here and here ).

There are some more masterpieces that can be found here . Of course, there are not everywhere corpses, but still, dead bodies on the streets of Brazilian cities come across with enviable regularity (if you can put it that way in this situation). It seems that in Brazil it is not that restless, there is almost a war going on - so many dead bodies come across on the streets, and not somewhere, in deserted areas, in slums, but in regions where there are a lot of people, good shops ... Now Google asks service users to pay attention to such cases in order to quickly remove such photos from the service.
After the discovery of such photos, many users began to be interested in the criminal situation in Brazil, and, as it turned out, the number of murders there is five times higher than in the USA (where, in turn, this figure is five times higher than in Italy). Honestly, I used to really like to visit Brazil, I thought even to fly there this or next year - but now I don’t feel like it. It is clear that there are photographs of photos, and not necessarily in Brazil at every corner is a gangster with a gun or a knife - but the unpleasant residue from these photos remains.

What an innocent prank compared to the actual situation looks like the attempt of the girl mentioned above to pretend to be dead. Needless to say, Google Street View introduces us to the reality in various countries and cities - another positive aspect of this service. Let's hope that there are not so many of such images as we saw above ...


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105410/

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