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Web application development: our methodology

There was an idea to write an article on the development of web applications based on their own (small team of less than 10 people) experience. Theses:

1. Sketch interface
- What is a sketch of the interface and why is it needed?
- a notebook and pen against Visio and InDesign;
- customer participation in the design of the interface;
2. Interface
- the interface defines the model;
- where the interface ends and the design begins;
- development: from important to more general;
- why we stopped being afraid of changes;
3. Programming
- programming with a ready-made interface;
- why do we need real content;
4. Design
- why there is less waste paper;
- why it became easier to work with a designer;
5. Finished project

Is anyone interested in this kind of publication? How is it better to submit information: in parts (easier to discuss) or the entire article as a whole (easier to read and easier to perceive)?
PS “Our methodology” means “we use it”, and not “we invented it” :)

bendingunit22 and HabraCurillo

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