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eBay chose Joomla to promote internal innovation

San Jose, California - October 1, 2010 - eBay, the largest Internet market in the world, announced an agreement to use Joomla, the most popular open source content management system (CMS), to launch a community portal as part of eBay's Analytics internal site. eBay employs open source for employees and supports the constant pursuit of innovation through business.

The initiative, known as the “community analytics”, will be available to 16,400 eBay employees and will integrate the social aspects of active collaboration, including content creation, sharing and open discussion. Joomla CMS supports eBay in expanding socially-oriented knowledge sharing and discovery.

“EBay has always made this a key priority in encouraging employees to collaborate and drive business innovation,” said Bob Page, eBay vice president, analytics platform, “We work open source to bring insightful ideas and innovations to our company, one of our greatest resources, our workers. "
With the largest commercial repositories in the world, more than 100 more than the Library of Congress. eBay needs tremendous computational power to extract and decode useful data. The new analytics community initiative allows employees to capture and analyze large amounts of great ideas and learn from the company. eBay will also contribute to the open source community.

"EBay is a welcome addition to the Joomla open source community," says Ryan Ozimek, president of the Open Source Matters, a non-profit created to provide organization, legal and financial support for the Joomla project. “With so much data demand, eBay is an open source employee-based project developer for enterprises.”

The announcement coincides with Joomla USA West 2010 Day 2010 (Joomla Day USA West 2010), held on the northern eBay / PayPal campus in San Jose, California, from today until Sunday, October 3. Events are a demonstration of the latest achievements and best practices in the Joomla open source community, including a speech from Oliver Ratzesberger, senior director of the analytics platform on eBay.

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