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Own Xmarks

After reading this post, I remembered one of the great functionalities of the Xmarks plugin. More precisely - using your own server. Of course, this was discussed in the comments to the above topic, but I think that such functionality should not be overlooked. And yes - I am not at all against deductions in favor of Xmarks developers. I believe that every developer should have his own bank with a popular application, but ...

Let's get down to business

First we need our own FTP or WebDAV. I do not know how things are with other protocols - I have not tried it, but with FTP, in my case, everything works fine and synchronizes. If you already have configured FTP or WebDAV with password protection (it will be unpleasant if everything is stored on any public server), then go ahead. If not, read the information on setting up your own FTP or WebDAV and return here.

First enter the Xmarks settings:

Go to the tab "Advanced" and tick "Use your own server" and click "Edit".

After we enter the corresponding values ​​into the fields. I preferred to keep everything in the root of my home directory on my home router, which, among other things, looks at the external Internet, so I should not have problems with the synchronization of tabs.

After clicking "Ok", click "Sync" in the main window of the program and "voila" - files with bookmarks and passwords are stored on our server and are not dependent on Xmarks servers. After that, do not forget to repeat the actions on other computers and other browsers.

Instead of conclusion

The only negative is that only bookmarks and passwords are synchronized. Open tabs and browsing history - no.
Of course, this use of the plugin is not ideal. Updates, if Xmarks still ceases to exist, is not expected. Therefore, all those who are still willing to share their “blood” with the developers of this beautiful plugin - go ahead .

Officially, the functionality is described at http://wiki.foxmarks.com/wiki/Foxmarks:_Frequently_Asked_Questions#Using_Other_Servers

This option, unfortunately, does not work on MacOS ( link )

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