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Filesharing 2010: who is in the top 100?

The last update of the list of the most visited sites by Google Ad Planner for 2010 showed that the Top 100 had as many as 7 file-sharing services. 14.3% of all Internet users visit Rapidshare, Megaupload, Xunlei, 4shared, Mediafire, Hotfile and Filestube on a monthly basis. The filesharing market generates 5,150,000,000 page views every month, which exceeds that of such giants as Bing, Amazon, Hotmail, Ask, Flickr and Photobucket.

The filesharing market holds strong enough positions on the global Internet market 2010. Despite the fact that social sites and mail services like Gmail, which also allow their users to store and share files, file-sharing services still serve as a powerful and flexible tool when it comes to working with gigabytes of files. Filesharing is still a rapidly growing entertainment and advertising platform, which has a stable trend towards further development from year to year.

Key indicators of the top 7 file sharing services:

* Estimated number of all Internet users who visit file-sharing sites
** Number of visited pages = Page views / Unique users


Filing is widely distributed in the global marketplace thanks to free information sharing features. It is attractive to advertisers and users who prefer free hosting of files and promotion of their files using social media. This niche competes with such serious players in the market as social sites that provide services for storing and sharing files for users as a standard feature.

The future of filesharing depends heavily on the ability to adapt to future trends of socialization of the network, since to remain an ordinary file sharing platform is a road to nowhere. 4shared became one of the first file-sharing services that took a step towards socialization. This file-sharing site introduced a Twitter-like communication model - a subscription to friends files. Anyway, Twitter is meant for short messages, and 4shared is for file sharing. If you like the files of a particular user, then you can subscribe to its updates and vice versa. What will other file-sharing sites take in pursuit of new visitors and traffic? Time will tell.

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