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Microsoft is going to start producing smartphones again

The other day it became known that Microsoft is going to make the second attempt to take a part of the smartphone market. It seems that this time Microsoft made all possible efforts to keep its intention in secret - smartphones are ready, and will be presented already on October 11, together with AT & T. Mobile gadgets will work on Windows Phone 7.

Remember the messages that Microsoft has organized an extremely expensive party to promote Kin One and Kin Two (see preview image)? So, this time a “special event” will also be organized, about which, unfortunately, very little information is known. In addition, it is also known that Microsoft’s smartphones will only be sold in the United States, and are unlikely to hit the shelves of other countries.
Experts believe that Microsoft will constantly make efforts to still take up part of the smartphone market - now it is a very profitable business, especially in light of the fact that mobile gadget users are paying more and more attention to various online services. But now Microsoft is making a lot of efforts to strengthen its position in the market of various Internet services, of which the company has a lot.

Soon we will be able to see the mobile products of the software giant, created by the efforts of specialists from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and HTC Corp. I also note that all three companies, according to rumors, will produce different models of smartphones, differing from each other in design and function.

Marketing specialists have so far not very rosyly described the prospects of the corporation in a new market for themselves - of course, there is every reason for such an opinion, the main of which is the failure of Kin One and Kin Two. After all, a little more than a month after the release of these phones, the US mobile operators stopped selling them - there were so few orders.

Probably, Microsoft hopes that the new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7, will help new devices to become more popular than their predecessors.

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