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Wasserman interview about the Samsung Galaxy Tab: "the price of this gadget makes you scratch your head"

Good evening friends!

The other day Moscow hosted the Russian premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet . This device, as you all remember, is smaller, lighter and more functional than its main competitor - the American Apple iPad tablet.

We are sure that all habrazhiteli have already managed to see and appreciate the crash test of the new-fashioned device from Wasserman, but the full interview with Anatoly about the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not yet available.

By the way, our research shows that Russian users prefer the Galaxy Tab rather than the iPad. And which of these devices do you personally prefer?

And do you like the “hero of the day” at all?

PS On the issue of the cost of new items: in Russia it will cost up to 40 thousand rubles.

Opinion Mail.Ru and crash test from Wasserman.

The project team Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105378/

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