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Bootable flash drive in three steps

It has been more than a month after the publication of the first post . Having heeded the advice of habravchan, we decided to make a master for creating a bootable flash drive.


Having studied the Internet, we got the following result. Creating a bootable flash drive is not such a difficult task, but you have to 'turn on your head' and lose time reading manuals. In the general case, to create a bootable flash drive, the user is offered to download a program archive. The downloaded 'harvester' looks like this - a command file is started, without closing it, you need to start the GUI application, without closing the GUI application, you need to start the executable file with the parameters, and then return to the first console window, etc. There are solutions that are simply designed in the form of menu items through which the user sequentially launches the necessary applications. In this case, the algorithm for creating a bootable flash drive in the general case is very simple -
1. Creating an active partition on a flash drive.
2. Formatting.
3. Installation on the MBR and BR flash drive.
4. Copying to the flash distribution of Windows 7.

In the user-downloaded 'combine', each step is decided by a utility. It seems that languages ​​like C ++, Delphi do not exist, but only the command interpreter, scripting languages ​​and ready-made applications. Therefore, we decided to fill the gap and added a wizard to our MultiSet, which makes a bootable flash drive with automatic installation of Windows in three steps.


The wizard is still able to create flash drives with Windows PE, Vista, Windows 7. With Windows XP, things are more complicated, but soon I think we will add the function to create a bootable flash drive with Windows XP.

Download MultiSet to create a bootable flash drive: multiset.exe (6.5 MB)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105374/

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