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"Optimization" of the appearance of the site in Yandex search results

In September, we participated in several conferences for optimizers and developers, talking about new features from Yandex.Webmasters that can help to optimize the site. It is possible that the information from our reports may be interesting to those who could not get to these conferences. Therefore, we have made another version of the story - for this blog.

Companies that are engaged in the creation of sites and their optimization, as a rule, offer their clients a wide range of services. When creating a website, much attention is paid to the work on its interfaces and design. Everyone understands that an effective website should be visually appealing and convenient. When it comes to promotion, the main focus is usually on advertising and high places for key searches. One important aspect falls out of this list of services: the moment when a user moves from a high place in the search results to a beautiful and attractive website.

And what does the site look like in search? Will the user want to go to him at all? Obviously, the user’s decision may be affected by the appearance of the snippet.
In various forums and reviews you can find many stories about how improving snippets affected site traffic and even sales from it. With statistics in hand, we can confirm: this is true. Beautiful snippets increase the clickability of the search result. In addition, an informative snippet allows the user to make a more informed choice, and not just click just in case to see what is on the site. Due to this, more “target” users come to the site, really interested in information or purchase and ready to spend some time on the site.

In addition, there is just aesthetics. A small piece of text from the site is his business card for the search user. As a rule, site owners understand this, especially with the ability to compare “before” and “after”. They like beautiful descriptions, they are able to appreciate their benefits at least at the level “it looks good” and “I like it”.

We believe that setting up beautiful descriptions in the search results should be one of the standard steps that the optimizer takes. Therefore, I would like to draw attention to the services for setting up snippets, which we offer in Yandex.Webmaster .

For example, a snippet for a product catalog page might look like this:

Such snippets for this and other topics can be configured using fairly simple technical steps. To do this, we need to have structured data about the site or its individual pages. In the case of a product catalog, this is information about the name and parameters of the product, its price and delivery cost.

Methods of data transmission are different for different topics. If the amount of data is small and they change little over time, it is enough to manually fill in the advising Yandex.Webmaster form. For example, in this way you can send information about addresses . Large volumes of frequently changing data (for example, product catalogs with prices ) can be transferred using XML. If the frequency of changes is not so critical, but the data volume can be quite impressive, it is reasonable to suggest using semantic markup in the site code. Where possible, we try to implement processing of microformats so that the markup is universal and can be read not only by Yandex. In some cases, the webmaster can choose from several formats, for example, the owners of culinary sites have this opportunity. In addition, there is an example where the URL of the page is a source of information for us. If the URL contains the date of the news , we can extract it. The structure can be created for any subject area, but for each subject area it should be its own and be processed in a special way. Therefore, the above examples are so different from each other - there is no universal algorithm. Now you can customize snippets for a limited number of topics. However, their number is constantly growing and we are trying to find more general ways to describe the data.

We would like those who provide site optimization services to know what opportunities they can offer their clients using Yandex services. To follow our suggestions, it is enough to read our blog or sometimes look at the page “ Transferring data about the content of the site ” or in the help sections on snippets.

Alexander Shubin and the Yandex.Webmaster team

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