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Opening a business on the Internet. Step 1.

I want to start a series of articles on the creation of online business from the zero point to success. I will draw material from personal experience, information on the Internet, and of course from Habra. Many truths are simple enough.

Let's start with the choice of ideas. A huge number of people are still looking for their super-idea, each time inventing an ever more original, more promising one. The more interesting the idea, the more profitable it seems to its creator. Choosing an idea, it seems that you can conquer the world, but it is rather difficult to form a market need for an idea, describe a business model, and so on. All because, by inventing, you do not pay attention at all to the trends in the market, the needs of people and other important components.

Here, for example, the usual situation of inventing ideas: walking around Kiev (went to the exhibition of the artist Sergei Zagraevsky in search of inspiration). He turned his attention to advertising: car loans, housing loans, loans for repairs ... loans, loans, loans ... Of course a conclusion comes to mind (not an idea): to understand all these loans, an ordinary person needs a website or an office that will help choosing a loan. A short search showed the presence of only one site of a similar direction. Idea generators at this stage took a deep breath: “late”. And he added with optimism: “I’ll think of something else.” Only one competitor! And even if there are many ... Hence the rule: do not waste time searching for the original idea, but pick up the market trends and do, do, do ... without fear of competitors.
And the tendencies to catch are easy, the main thing is to be attentive and constantly ask the question: “what does this person need now?”.

The following steps can be found in the blog " Internet Business ".

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