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Is it difficult for a programmer to change the language?

A small topic-reasoning on the transition to another programming language, and the development of knowledge. Is learning additional languages ​​important for a programmer? What is more important - language or architecture?

Every developer during his career develops. Receives additional knowledge, experience, skills. Something from practice, something from communication with colleagues, something from books.

A person who is passionate about his work wants, and is simply necessary, to gain new knowledge. But then the question arises - what exactly is worth developing? What knowledge will really be useful for further work? Is it worth learning a new programming language, just to develop your knowledge?

I believe that a competent developer can easily master and switch to any new language within a month (I’m not talking about such specific cases as switching from Smalltalk to asm). It is more important to competently build the architecture of the application, the ability to design and select entities, the ability to work with functional and business requirements. After all, the mistakes made at the design and architecture stages of the application are much more expensive than the mistakes made during coding.
A developer who is able to competently develop an application architecture, who can apply design patterns exactly where it is needed, is able to simulate the processes of an application will cope much more easily with the implementation of functional requirements and it is these developers working in a team that are the key to successful project execution. Regardless of the language in which the application is developed.

A few books on architecture and design, for those who are interested. These books, in my opinion, are required to be read by any software developer seeking a successful career:

In the comments I would like to know the opinion of readers about whether the knowledge and understanding of the principles of designing and building a competent architecture really contributes to the development of successful projects? Is language so important?

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