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Residents of Russia can now upload paid apps to the Android Market. It is finished!

Today, what many have been waiting for has happened: for Russia (and some other countries), the opportunity has appeared to sell applications on the Android Market.

Now step by step:
1. Click on the Setup Merchant Account button.
2. Fill all the data. In the list of countries (oh God really!) Choose Russia.
3. Next, the system asks you to either enter an existing AdSense account, or register a new one.
4. If there is no AdSense account, register it and it (requires confirmation from Google, which will come in the mail).
5. After confirming AdSense, you can upload paid applications.

Profit, as I understand it will come in the form of checks on physical mail, the owners of active AdSense accounts correct me if I'm wrong.
UP: Now the money is transferred through Rapida, received on the same mail, but you need to wait a week from the moment of payment, not months, as with checks (get a check in a couple of months, pay for collection to the bank, pay the commission immediately, wait another month, get money - it was a horror before). In general, not automatic withdrawal to the account, of course, but more or less convenient.

All successful development and good sales.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105352/

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