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Why register and write for Windows Phone 7 right now

Development for mobile platforms in general can be of interest to two categories of developers. Firstly, these are those for whom the technology platform is familiar, and writing for them under the phone is another extension of their portfolio. Secondly, these are “clean” mobile developers who write for different platforms and are rather experts in how to create a successful application for users.

My statement for both groups - you need to register in the Windows Marketplace and write applications for Windows Phone 7 right now!

This is by no means a “yellow” heading, and not an attempt by Microsoft to make money for registration: you yourself think that $ 100 per year (and for students for free) * number of developers - the cost of running WP7 = not the goal of this statement.
I say this for the following reasons:
  1. This new platform for Microsoft, which it will promote with all its might - by the start of sales people will have a heightened attention to it (read / count the number of rumors on the Web on this topic)
  2. The final version of the development tools was released on September 16 and is available for download for free.
  3. New Marketplace will begin to open for developers in early October , but now it is empty, the place is free. Russian developers are included in the first wave , you can register from Russia and earn money.
  4. Now the current Marketplace for WM6 is open for both developers and users, and there is only one registration (right away and a new one that has not yet opened)
  5. By the end of the year, Windows Phone 7 phones will start to go on sale in some countries - just where people used to buy and pay for applications.

How to write applications for WP7? To do this, there is a fresh Training Kit with code samples and labs, a translated part of the book on development and a set of online reports on TechDays. Attend profile events .

How to register in the current Marketplace? Here is a walkthrough . At the first stage, you can leave out the financial information, the main thing is to check your contacts (phone and mail) and you will receive the following status:

What awaits us all if the new platform succeeds? I highly recommend reading an interesting article about the possible consequences of the release of Windows Phone 7 for the entire mobile industry.
The choice is yours. But the race will be very interesting :)

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