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and therefore do not store passwords

PassworMaker logo In order to have strong passwords to all sites it is not necessary to store them somewhere. There is a wonderful addition to FireFox (there are other adaptations) allowing you to generate a password based on the site's domain and master password. One of these additions is PASSWORD MAKER .

The main point of this application is the automatic generation of a strong password based on certain criteria. The main are the domain and master password. At the same time, the final user name for this site, the algorithm for creating a hash, the length of the final password, the set and order of symbols of characters to generate, the modifier (the phrase that is stored in the program settings and making banal password interceptors irrelevant), customizable prefixes and password ending

The program allows you not only to generate passwords, but also conveniently configured to the sites you visit. So you can use one settings for .ru domains and completely different ones for .ua. This flexibility allows you to further increase the reliability of the received passwords and minimize the risk of keyloggers.
Activate password generator
Button on the browser navigation bar
Password Generator window (display of the final password is disabled)
The application has extensive settings
It is possible to tune in to one or a group of sites by mask.
This application is also suitable for virtual lovers.

The functionality of the plugin is much higher than I could describe in this short review. I especially want to draw your attention to the fact that this program is actively developing and is based on JavaScript and, accordingly, will work in any browser with its support. Details can be found on the official website of the PASSWORD MAKER program in excellent documentation .


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