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Parallel search in the new Evernote extension in Chrome

This week, Google’s executive director Eric Schmidt and his presentation at TechCrunch attracted our attention. Speaking about the growing importance of time-saving services, he noted that the next step in the development of search on the Internet would be a move towards more personalized search results. We share his point of view, and therefore today we want to report on the appearance of a powerful new parallel search feature in our Google Chrome extension . One of the great features of the Chrome browser is in its Magic Bar - the address bar, which also serves as a field for entering search queries. We thought, why this line does not become even smarter, and do not start looking for more on your Evernote account.

Parallel Search

After the inclusion of the new parallel search feature in the settings of the updated extension, Google search will be automatically performed on your notes in Evernote. The number of results found will be shown on the search results page above the main links, and also as an indicator on the extension icon in Chrome. To view the found notes, just click on the green tab in the expansion window.
It really allows you to make the search more personalized.

Why is it so helpful

To the significance of this function, you can initially treat with skepticism, but very quickly you begin to understand the beauty of this function. It turns out that strikingly often we are looking for things on Google that have already been saved in Evernote. There is a peculiar feeling of relief when you realize that you will not have to search for information on the web, since you already have it.

In addition, adding search results in Evernote to that found on the Internet provides a personalized context that was not there before.

The feature also works on several other Google projects, including Google Images and Google Shopping .

How to enable parallel search

By default, the search function is disabled, so you will need to manually activate it. This can be done in two ways - by enabling the corresponding checkbox in the extension settings or in its authorization window. Also, to work in parallel search, you must be logged in to Evernote. So if you’ve been looking for something and you probably know that there are relevant notes in your Evernote account, while not a single result is shown on the extension icon, then most likely you’ve just not logged in to your account (this can be done, by clicking on the extension icon).

Sending notes by mail

In this update, we also added a convenient social feature - the ability to send fragments of web pages saved in Evernote to your friends by e-mail. You can specify up to ten addresses. All this is done right in the Evernote extension window. As usual when working with notes, you can always add accompanying text to the messages you send.

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Please note that Google Chrome extensions are updated automatically. If you notice in the expansion settings the box to enable parallel search, then you already have the current version installed. If there is no such item, then try restarting the browser.

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